Bright colors and exceptional durability !

Our printers offer numerous advantages, whether it's for flexible or rigid substrates. We can achieve high-quality prints with vibrant and vivid colors. UV printing also provides excellent resistance to scratches and weather conditions, ensuring increased durability of the substrates we offer.

Whether it's for banners, billboards, signs, promotional items, or even stickers, our printers offer great versatility.

The majority of substrates or materials are excellent candidates for the use of this technology.

Feel free to explore our printing possibilities to bring your creative ideas to life!


Printing Dimensions

Flexible Supports
Width : max 48 cm
Length : up to 50 m
Resolution : 1440 dpi
Rigid Supports
Width : max 240 cm
Length : according to the support size
Resolution : * dpi (to be confirmed)


Aluminum Wood Cardboard Plywood Dibond HMPE HPL MDF Multiplex OSB Paper HDPE Polycarbonate PVC
* non-exhaustive list

Possibles applications

  • Vitrophany

  • tarpaulins

  • Roll-up

  • Media printing

  • Banners

  • Stickers

  • Panels

  • Labels

  • Goodies

  • Custom objects

  • And many others !

An idea or a project to entrust to us ?