Wall print

We print directly on your walls !

Wall printing is a technology that turns walls into true artistic masterpieces. With this advanced technique, we can bring your boldest ideas to life to enhance any space.

It offers numerous advantages. Firstly, it ensures exceptional print quality with precise details and vibrant colors. The prints are UV-resistant, which means they won't fade over time and will retain their brilliance for many years.

This technology allows great flexibility in terms of size and format. Whether you need a small mural or to cover an entire wall, UV printing adapts to your needs.

Wall printing allows the use of various substrates and is quick to implement.


Printing Dimensions

Height : 250 cm
Length : No restriction


Concrete Wood Brick Metal Wallpaper Pierre Plastic Plaster Glass
height of 2,5m
Unlimited length
"Printing speed of 6m²/h
Quick assembly in 20 minutes

Advantages of Wall Printing

  • High level of detail

    The printing is of high quality with impeccable precision.
  • Great durability

    The inks used can last between 10 to 15 years. Thanks to UV technology, they dry immediately.
  • Speed

    The machine takes around 20 minutes to set up and the printing speed can go up to 6m²/h.
  • Reduced costs

    Faster and more economical than painting, wallpapering or self-adhesive vinyl.
  • White ink

    We print in the 4 conventional printing colors and also in white. Your support can be any color!
  • Easy maintenance

    A damp cloth is enough to wipe or clean your printed media.

Decorate your walls now !